Sarah French Artist Statement

Clothing fascinates me. It speaks about both an individual and a society. The choice of garments becomes a visual language proclaiming, long before our voice does, who we are, who we want to be or even what we want to hide. I began designing for the theater in 2001. I’m not even sure what drew me there first. I was fascinated by how a person’s clothing could become a visual language, whether as a costume on stage or as clothing on the street. Designing became a very deliberate study to evoke emotion, personality and connections between characters. Whether I’m designing for stage or life, I use color, form, line, shape and texture to provide existence to the ephemeral idea of self. The inner and unseen become visible. They take on a separate identity beyond the body but undeniably reliant upon it.

My designs range from traditional historical garments to modern garments that are inspired by my research. I love to play with historical elements juxtaposed onto the everyday. The garment is not simply a costume, not simply fashion but a wearable expression of identity. I am continually expanding my knowledge of sewing techniques including hand-bound lacing holes and blackwork embroidery. Each new piece is a chance to expand my sewing repertoire. Please feel free to peruse my portfolio. Also check out the FAQ’s for more details on how to order a garment.